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About 3 weeks ago, I was clicking around Facebook when I chanced upon the Illamasqua page - and it said that the new Limited Edition Pink Raindrops nail polish shade was in!  I basically squealed with delight and might have bounced on my chair for a bit...  

If you're not already clued-in, the widely raved original Illamasqua Raindrops is to-die-for.  It's a gorgeous grey-blue jelly polish with just the right amount of shimmer and flakies.  Made to resemble a rainy day complete with gloomy skies and pouring rain - it's spot on.  So when Illamasqua released it's new Limited Edition Pink Raindrops in response to requests for a pink version of the sell-out original, I died.  I immediately flipped to the Illamasqua site and crossed my fingers and toes and prayed that it was still in stock.  And it was :)

So, without paying attention to the extremely limited number of reviews that I could (at that time) find on the new shade (which, by the way, all said that the shade was a let-down), I checked out my Pink Raindrops.  Along with other stuff of course!  How can I justify the shipping otherwise?  ;)  

The Illamasqua black box arrived on Friday.

Artificial light, without flash
Unfortunately, Pink Raindrops is nothing like the original.  Formula-wise, application was a little tedious as the polish is rather gloopy.  The first coat was not streaky but rather uneven.  It sort of leveled out after the second coat.  I may add some thinner to ease the application the next time round.  Above is two coats of Pink Raindrops with one coat of topcoat.

Artificial light, without flash
Rather than being a jelly, this one is definitely a creme.  I wouldn't even classify it as a crelly - there just isn't that quality of translucency and "squishiness" that most crellies have.  Don't get me wrong. The shade itself is very pretty, but for a limited edition sequel to the original Raindrops, I was expecting something more wow.

Artificial light, with flash

The polish is packed with shimmer and flakies, with a bit of an iridescent quality to it.  Unfortunately though, half of the flakies get lost in the creme base. Give me my Pink Raindrops jelly pleaseeee.

I'll still keep this though.  The shade does grow on me (if I don't think about the application issues) and Illamasqua formulas have never failed me in terms of insanely long wearing-time.  I should also point out that with one coat of Seche Vite, the shimmer and flakies show up more.

close up - artificial light, with flash

Interestingly enough, the original Raindrops is currently sold out on the Illamasqua website while the new Limited Edition Pink Raindrops is still in stock.  No surprise there though - I'd pick the original shade over this new pink one any day.


Pink Raindrops is described as a 'cool pink' and priced at at £13.50 and may be purchased online from Illamasqua here.
Raindrops described as a 'sheer light grey, jelly finish' and is also priced at £13.50.  It may be purchased online from Illamasqua here.
edit: the prices have gone up by a quid.  they're £14.50 each now. the new Singapore Illamasqua store doesn't stock these unfortunately.

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