Manic Moanday Mani - My First Franken!

Hi guys!  I'm super excited to be able to finally 'showcase' my very first franken colour!  It's not 3-free because of some of the colours I had used, but I'm excited nonetheless!! This is one of two products I have managed to create from a project that had intially started out as an expedition/experiment to mix a dupe of that elusive (and probably never going to be produced by the genius that is Peter Philips ever again) Chanel Jade (I also know the colour code is no. 407 because I've been stalking so damn many nail blogs and staring at more than I can count swatch pictures).  I can't say I've managed to dupe Chanel Jade (yet), but I would like to think I'm relatively close.  I'm waiting for some glitter/shimmer to arrive.  Hopefully that glitter/shimmer is the boomz ingredient.  Well, at least in my head it is.  Ok. Enough about Chanel Jade.  On to more tangible things.

Let's welcome Seaspray!!!  

Seaspray is half of the Chanel Jade dupe prototype.  It turned out this way only because I had added too much blue.  And liked it.  I'm wearing Sheswai's Stoked on my ring finger (grrrrreat formula for that btw!).

I super love the shimmer on this one.  I have no idea why it's not turning out so well in the swatch photos.  

Shimmer close-up

I actually had a tough time coming up with a name for this colour (yes, I know China Glaze has one named Seaspray as well), but I did not want to name it anything green-y (if that makes sense) since its sister (Chanel Jade dupe!!) definitely leans more towards the green side of the colour spectrum than this does.  After staring at it for a little longer, this kind of reminded me of the less-than-blue Singapore sea (yes, Singapore's waters ain't that pretty.  Go to the Maldives if you want blue crystal clear waters please).  The colour is just about right, and the glitter/shimmer is reminiscent of water droplets in the air mid splash.  Plus (not that this is related colour-wise), Seaspray reminds me of one of my best friends, G, who loves the name.  G, you totally should be honoured that my first franken is named after you :)

Totally loving this bottle shot.  The glitter/shimmer somehow catches the light much better when in the bottle.  I have no idea why.  Probably something to do with the refraction of light from the glass bottle that my poor i-cannot-understand-physics brain can't handle.  In polish talk, I guess the glass acts as a super shiny super thick topcoat.  And yes, I emptied the contents of my mini Seche Vite into the bigger bottle so that I could use the mini one for frankening.

I think I may be hooked on frankening - it's just too fun!  This morning while on the train to work, I came up with polish ideas and names and wrote down a gazillion of them.  I need to get more empty bottles and franken supplies pronto!


p.s. I will definitely post a Seshwai review soon.  Their 3-free polish formula is just too awesome not to share!

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